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The End Of One Good Thing And The Start Of Something Really Special

Jul 03, 2007

by Phil Nash

I have left my job!

It might seem sudden, but it is the right thing to do for me. Why? Because I have another job!

For the last 9 months, I have been working for the Land Registry. Nearly 10 months ago, I was surprised and delighted to have got my first job, regardless of what it was actually doing. It was money, experience and it got me out of the house. I commuted for the first month, but couldn't stand it. I moved into London and have been reasonably happy since.

The Right Job, The Right Time

The Land Registry gave me a fantastic opportunity and I have enjoyed the experience there, but university taught me something and these 9 months have proved it to me now. Whilst at university, the job fairs were full of, the evenings out and sports teams were sponsored by and the careers talks were all about accountancy or banking firms. I spent 3 years wondering what to do whilst being force-fed career "opportunities" that I didn't want. At times I thought that I may just apply to one or two of these places as it was the thing to do.

I didn't.

Instead I finished my degree and went home with no further idea of what I wanted to do. I also decided that there was no point in applying for or even trying to interest myself in jobs I definitely didn't want. By the end of the summer I had decided that web development was my goal and I promptly ran out of money. The Land Registry job came along at the right time, it was a casual position and allowed me to earn money while surveying the job market and seeing what was available. It also proved that getting a job that I didn't want really want to do was pointless, by the end of my time there I was bored, the job was why I turned up, but the people were the only part keeping me interested every day.

So What Now?

I spent a good few months trawling job websites trying to find opportunities for developers without much experience and added my CV to Monster. Eventually, though at the right time probably, an interview was granted, went well and a job offered. In two weeks time I start work with Vyre as a trainee developer. Suffice to say, I'm very excited.

So after a while with seemingly no direction, things are turning around for me. I will be learning an awful lot in the very near future on all manner of client side technologies and I look forward to recounting my experience and any interesting or useful tips right here. Thanks for sticking with me so far, my career and consequently this blog are both going to take a few steps up in the very near future.

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