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Fresh Beginnings

Apr 02, 2008

by Phil Nash

Unintentionally this blog has become a chronicle of not only my thoughts and feelings on web standards but also of my journey through my career in the same field. In September 2006 I got my first job, a temporary role in the civil service that got me out of the house, but onto a hellish commute. I moved to London shortly after and then in July last year I moved into web development, starting work with VYRE.

Once again things have changed. A couple of months ago I spotted an exciting job opportunity in an advert in the sidebar of a blog. Had I not seen it, not read it, I would still be working with VYRE. However, fate had some hand in things and after reading more deeply into the offering I decided this was to be my next step. I applied and, after the interview process and my notice period, I started on Monday.

What Now?

I continue as a front end developer, but now, instead of working with VYRE's Unify CMS framework, I will be developing with the open source Ruby on Rails. I will be working for Mint Digital who do all sorts of interesting stuff trying to bridge the gap between new media and old.

So over the last three days I've been learning a whole lot of stuff really quickly, installing Ruby and Rails, getting to grips with Subversion for the first time as well as familiarising myself with the OS X terminal. All along while trying to pick up as much Ruby knowledge as possible, mainly from Why's bizarre, sorry, poignant guide to Ruby.

It's an exciting time as I embark on this new venture. Things may slow down here for a while as I am reading a lot and taking a lot in at the moment, but they will pick up again (you may even see a couple of extra categories pop up, Ruby and Rails perhaps, we'll see). I was also redesigning, but that might have to wait too (only because an even better design just popped into my head this evening).

It's been an interesting journey on this blog so far and I still think things are just beginning. Let's see what happens next.

Unintentionally Blank is Phil Nash's thoughts on web development from 2006-2008. Any code or opinions may be out of date.