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Plastered Weekend

Apr 14, 2008

by Phil Nash

It's nice to know that life has a knack of knowing when to take you down a notch. Sure, I got a new job that's just around the corner, traffic here is at the best it's been and my rugby team were playing for the league title at the weekend, what could possibly go wrong?

Maybe I gave you a hint by mentioning the rugby, there is good and bad news. We won the game, we won the league. The bad news: I only played 10 minutes due to a misplaced tackle that caused me to twist my ankle in several wrong directions. A swollen leg, a trip to the hospital (my first time in an ambulance) and several hours later left me with a cast and still no concrete knowledge of what the real problem was. You see it is entirely possible, according to half the x-rays and half the doctors, that I had broken bones they had never seen broken before, everyone else said it was a nasty sprain.

Either way, it looks like my short walk to work has become even shorter as working from home outweighs the long journey on crutches.

I hope you had a good weekend, I spent mine getting plastered.

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