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Out Of The Blue - A Job

Sep 30, 2006

by Phil Nash

I hardly mean to brag, but everything seems to be going right for me at the moment. Only last week my band were played on Radio 1 which thrilled me no end. Now I have more exciting news to spread; I have a job!

How Did That Happen Then?

Luck seemed to be a large part of it really. As you can probably tell, if you have read any other posts on this blog, I want to work in web development and I harbour a great interest in web standards and accessibility. Sadly I don't have the necessary skills to apply for and get a job in this industry yet, but I have a plan that involves teaching myself and gathering experience and finally getting the job I want. However, there comes a time when your parents start asking more seriously when you are going to get a job, and that time was upon me.

Thankfully, my good friend Steve Marks put me in touch with a job that required skills in maths and computing, only the subjects I had recently received a degree in. I applied, had an interview yesterday, got the job today and start next Wednesday. I couldn't be happier. There are a few problems; I'll have to commute to London, I will get less time concentrating on my true calling, web development (and of course writing useful articles for this blog), and I will spend hours of my time producing Excel graphs that no-one cares about. On the plus side, this is my first full time job, it's only temporary so I'm not tied down for too long, I need the money and the experience and this does give me, and my girlfriend, the opportunity to move out and start living our own lives!

So what I need now is some advice. What was your first full time job? How did it go? Are you still working in the same area you started in, or did you break free and do something you really wanted to do (unless, of course, you got your dream job straight off)?

Oh, and if you know any UK web development companies that may need an up and coming developer in 3 to 6 months time, let me know, I'd love to get in touch whilst I'm on a roll!

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